Welcome to Colorado Piano Care

Welcome to Colorado Piano Care

My name is Chase Norris and I have been “tickling the ivory’s” since 1988. I have been tuning across the front range for over a decade. I am a certified piano tuner, teacher, and performing Classical and Jazz  pianist serving from Denver to Fort Collins.


I have been aurally tuning pianos since 2005, with over 5,000 tunes completed. I currently tune pianos for a Yamaha Dealer, Piano Center of the Rockies, as well as, churches, schools and music centers abroad. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. I don’t just tune your piano, I bring new life to it! Tuning it as if it were my own.


If you have a friend or neighbor in need of tuning and can schedule at the same time, I offer great discounts. I also offer discounts for frequent tuning and scheduling ahead. 

Services We Offer


Every Single Piano needs to be Tuned. The difference between a tuned piano and an out of tune piano can make a huge difference. 

Voicing and Regulation

Improve the Touch of your Piano. Regulation attends to the touch and responsiveness of your action.

Cleaning and Other Services

Keeping your piano clean and free of dirt is an important part of piano maintenance. If you have a pet, hair can build up over time causing slow moving and faulty keys.

Tuning Packages

Colorado Piano Care offers three different packages. 


1 Hour

$ 100
  • A thorough look at the action, body, sound board and tuning stability of a piano.

Standard Tuning Package

1 1/2 Hours

$ 160
  • A440 aural tuning
  • Includes pitch raise
  • Pedal adjustment
  • Evaluation of pianos condition

Pristine Tuning Package

3 Hours

$ 285
  • A440 aural tuning
  • Includes pitch raise
  • Pedal adjustment
  • Evaluation of pianos condition
  • Tighten action screws
  • Vacuum and clean soundboard
  • Clean and lubricate action
Codi Jahn

I recently had Chase tune my piano and couldn’t be happier. He was punctual, friendly, reasonably priced and did a fantastic job on the piano.

Leah King

Chase does such an incredible job! He not only gets the job done, but has been extremely transparent with me about what is going on with my piano. He explains everything in detail to me so I understand exactly what he is doing and why. Very down to earth, transparent, professional and does a fantastic job! I highly recommend Chase Norris!

Tyson Diener

Best deal in town. Fast and reliable, showed up on time and got my piano in prefer shape! Thanks so much!